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Back to School Sale!

Wishing you a happy return to school, and to make up for the end of summer, here’s some discounts to cheer you up!

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APE Fitness Difference

We AREPerformance Elite

At AREPerformance Elite (APE) we love our fitness, but what we love even more is to help others succeed in their fitness goals and reach the skies. That’s why we strive to provide the best service and even better results. With our Military experience in diet, exercise and lifestyle, and our combined 20 years of sports fitness experience, we can provide you with the knowledge to succeed in your fitness life.

Start the Right Way

Where do you want to end up in your future? Maybe you want to be the next Mr. Olympia. Or maybe you just want to set a better example for your family. We know how important a good fitness goal is, but we also know how to help you achieve those goals. So don’t settle for some blog post you’ve seen somewhere, let our expert fitness coaches give you the tools to succeed.

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

Our motto has led us to being all that we can be, which is where our clothing line has come in. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can play good. So stop grabbing that old cotton tee from the closet or dresser, try out our lineup of performance clothing.