Importance of a Gym Towel

Picture this, and I'm sure you can because it's happened to you at some point in time.

You're at the gym.

It's Monday, so naturally, it's international chest day.

The gym is packed and you're stuck waiting for a bench.

The guy using it finally gets up, but just as you're about to start your reps....

There's a huge sweat puddle right where you're about to crush your sets!

This brings us to the point.

Why should you be bringing a towel and gym bag to the gym?


For many gyms nowadays, there's a towel station where you can borrow one of their towels.

That sounds great and all, but how much can you really trust that the guy in the back doing the laundry has the best interest in your health?

Not to mention, with all the weights you just touched, now you're about to wipe your face with that hand.

Our number one reason for taking a towel with us to the gym, is cleanliness.

Don't get us wrong, we're not germiphobes or anything like that.

But nobody wants an acne ridden face or an eye infection because of all the dirt and germs you put on your face with dirty hands.

And nothing against the towel washers, if you have that availability in your gym, but we really trust ourselves first.

Sweaty Backs

It's going to happen, we all sweat when we workout.

But don't be that guy up there.

Nobody wants to lay in a puddle of someone else's sweat.

So bring a seperate towel to use to either wipe up after you're finished, or even lay on it to keep from having to wipe up at all.

You just pick up and go to your next lift.


You may be the person that has to go to the gym during their lunch breaks.

Or maybe you're the one that goes early in the morning just before work.

You're going to want to shower before you go into work.

Your co-workers don't want to smell that post workout funk you just spent the last hour or so producing.

And they definitely don't want you to be that guy that throws on ten squirts or twelve seconds of cologne over top of it all.

Bring a clean towel to shower after you're finished.

We hope that this article has painted a better picture on the importance of bringing a gym towel with you.