A.P.E. Fitness

Regardless of who you are, we all have a fitness dream.

Whether it’s to compete in a bodybuilding or physique show, run your first 5K, or just lose another 15 or 20 pounds.

And we all have the same struggle, and that’s information overload.

What exactly is information overload?

Thats where you’ve been doing countless hours or even days of research just to find way too much information on the same subject, and that can be extremely frustrating.

So why deal with the headache anymore?

Let APE Fitness put in all the leg work on research for you.

Who is APE Fitness?

APE Fitness is a team of dedicated fitness coaches, fanatics and dietitians who’s only thought is Fitness.

We have a team of any kind of fitness coach and dietitian you can think of, from those working on cuts, cardio, bulking, and more!

We pride ourselves in our accomplishments, both big and small.

But what's better is the feeling of not only helping but pushing others to achieve their goals as well.

And what makes APE Fitness different from all other online coaching companies?

We're constantly calling to check in with our customers to ask about their progress and answer any questions or concerns you may have to better your experience and succeed at your goal.

Who are These Programs For?

These programs are meant for literally anyone with a fitness goal!

We make sure to get all the right information during your consultation call?

What's the Right Information?

During your initial consultation call, we ask questions such as:

  • Fitness goal
  • Food you do and do not like
  • Any allergies
  • Type of schedule you are on (stay at home mom, gym lunch goer, etc...)
  • Current level of fitness
  • Injuries (past and present) to ensure no further harm
  • And many more!

Initial consultations take between 30 minutes to 1 hour to ensure we get all the information we need to construct a no-fail diet and/or exercise program.