About us

Crafted for the Elite

Noticing a trend in the world, we founded AREPerformance (All Redman Enterprise Performance) Elite to allow everyone to feel the effects of being an Elite.

We wanted those searching to improve their minds and bodies in the gym to realize their full potential, with clothes that matched the drive on the inside.

With all the beasts in the world, women we're talking to you too, there's simply no place for those wanting top elite brands at an affordable price.

So with the most open of arms, we welcome you to AREPerformance Elite (APE). The place you can be the king, or queen, grab what's yours, and be an Elite athlete, whatever your style.


Behind it All

Our founder, Michael Redman, is the brains behind the operation of AREPerformance Elite.

An all-state football line-backer and state alternate wrestler, his passion for sports has only been second place to one aspect, the gym.

With only a simple, no name brand of weights, he began his weight training on his own at 13 years old, spending countless hours to research what works, what doesn't, and how to become the Elite Performer.

From workout routines to diet plans, no expense was spared to ensure his success.

Now almost 10 years later, he is on the hunt for one of the most Elite of callings. Army Special Forces.

And his Youtube channel, coming soon for everyone, will be following that journey. Talking about the routine style, the diet plan he follows, and so much more!

But he put together this team to help others that have like minds as himself. To put everyone in the drivers seat of their own life, feel confident doing so, and motivating them to be the best he knows everyone can be.

One motto has stuck with him and this team since the day he got us all together:

"Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good"

And to this day, that motto has driven us all to bring about AREPerformance Elite.

So now we challenge you. Take the APE challenge and break free from the crowd. Send us your progress, your findings, and if you follow along with Michael, tell us all about how your journey is going.

The APE Difference

Every month, we take suggestions from our supporters for a charity donation.

When you buy anything from our store, you have the opportunity to request a charity you would like us to donate to.

We will take 25% of all profits for the month and donate to that months charity.

We love to give back and would love for your support as well. We can all make this world a better place together.